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business website design, host & maintenance bundle

Today your business MUST be visible on any type of web device!

Plaza1000 is an exclusive web hosting company developing premium cloud based websites that present on any media.
We strive to create a qualilty image of your company presenting at the top of search results. Everything is included in a fully managed web service bundle so you can stay focused on your client.


Web Design by Plaza1000 is unique, responsive, pleasing to the eye, and conscious of how users will use it. Web development is much more than design. At Plaza1000 we’ll be sure it’s all there; looks, performance and usability.


Hosting at Plaza1000 is Cloud-Based. Our web service includes 2 servers that are fast, secure, and backed up without added fees. Website updates are done without service interruption. Our premium web hosting is limited to sites created by Plaza1000 exclusivley for our clients.


Plaza1000 websites are fully managed so our clients are free to focus on their expertise. We design, host and manage everything including frequent page content changes. Our premium all inclusive web service means we handle everything.


At Plaza1000, SEO is built into the fabric of each Plaza1000 website starting from the first line of code. Our clients are land on top search result pages because they deserve to be there, not by trickery or ad word purchasing.